Calmly Entering the Pack

beaubBringing your dog to daycare and picking your dog up can be a very exciting time for you and your dog.  Everyone loves to see their dog happy with a wagging tail and a greeting that seems to say “I am soooo happy to see you”.
When a dog enters daycare it can be tricky for that dog entering the pack with the wrong kind of energy.  If the dog entering is anxious or unsure the other dogs will pick up on this, which brings even more attention to this dog.  If a dog enters the pack and is too excited the other dogs will also become overly excited.  When a group of dogs get overly excited certain dogs will get carried away and sometimes instigate or even nip at other dogs.  If a dog is overly confident and acts like he owns the place not letting the other dogs perform their greeting rituals, a.k.a. sniffing rear ends and such, this can cause the other dogs in the pack to respond negatively.  In each of these scenarios the handlers work hard to make sure the dogs are safe and have a positive experience entering and interacting with the other dogs at daycare.

dotd22What is the best way for a dog to enter into daycare?  The best way is calm, slow and allowing the other dogs to greet them.  How can an owner help their dog and us during this process?  If a dog owner calmly and quietly enters daycare and lets their dog in calmly this definitely helps.  Excited and happy goodbyes to your dog can cause them to enter into daycare in an overly excited state.  The other dogs in daycare also can get overly excited by an owners energy which causes the pack to get worked up.  When a dog owner is nervous when dropping off, their dog will pick up on it and this can cause an unsure and anxious entrance into the pack.

dotd19Keeping balance in a large pack of dogs can definitely be a challenge for the dog handlers and any help they can get from owners is greatly appreciated.

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