Antifreeze can kill your dog

Keep your dogs safe this winter and remember to keep antifreeze on a high shelf where it cannot easily get knocked over. When putting antifreeze in your car mop up any spills right away. It only takes a small amount of antifreeze to kill a dog. If you suspect your dog has ingested antifreeze get him to his veterinarian immediately. The first stage of antifreeze poisoning starts within thirty minutes of ingestion and include the following symptoms: staggering, vomiting, confusion/,disorientation, listlessness and excessive drinking and urination. The next stage your dog may look like he is going through a recovery period and seems to be getting better. In reality the antifreeze is doing permanent damage to your dogs liver and kidneys as these organs try to metabolize it. So remember to keep your dogs safe this winter and prevent your dog from having access to antifreeze.

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