5 Things Canine To Five Does That’s Different

blog post 1There’s a lot we do at Canine to Five that you won’t find at other dog service facilities. We get asked by guests, “Why?” And the answer is really simple: Because we love each and every dog in our pack as if they were our own and strive not only to offer them the best in dog services, but also to help them achieve their best health and balanced well-being.

1. Why Are Employees Called Pack Leaders?

Because they are, and they go through extensive training to become that.
New employees go through training anywhere they work, but at Canine to Five the pack-style, open play dog daycare we provide requires every team member be a Pack Leader that manages, balances and protects the pack. They also need to be an expert in everything when it comes to dogs including behavior, body language, first aid, dog/dog interactions… everything you can imagine.  Each new team member goes through extensive training including a 16-module course called “Knowing Dogs” as well as canine first aid.blog post 2 jess kd

We’re also committed to continued education for our team and bringing back the very best and most up-to-date knowledge to our pack. That’s why we’ll be sending some of our pack leaders to Pittsburgh next month to learn the latest on adolescent dog behavior from respected behaviorist, Suzanne Clothier. The training and information they receive they’ll bring back to the Canine to Five pack to help us serve our adolescent pack members even more!pet first aid for blog post

Learn more about our Pack Leader training here.

2. Why Is My Dog On A Leash?

We’re not just here to watch your dog all day while you’re at work. Sure your dog has a blast, plays with friends, sunbathes and enjoys naps, but they’re actually at work all day as well. Throughout the day, every day we work with the dogs as a pack or individual to challenge them intellectually and help balance their behavior. You’ll see pictures of group sits as a pack, or a Pack Leader leading an individual dog on a leash, dogs wearing backpacks, etc. All of this works the dogs’ minds as well as their instincts, while burning energy and exercising.blog post cullen dog leash

Other facilities have different styles of dog daycare offerings, and it’s important to find the one that works best for your individual dog. But when it comes to our approach, we believe incorporating “work” throughout your dog’s day is a necessity for a balanced and content companion.

3. Why Does Someone Stay Overnight?

Because that better ensures every dog’s safety and comfort. A trained Pack Leader remains in the building overnight with our dog boarding lodgers each and every day. Above and beyond our cameras and security system, we ensure there is always a trained team member in the building overnight  with dogs that board with us either in our open-play or private-play boarding options.

4. Why Can’t My Dog Wear His Collar?

Canine to Five is a collar-free dog daycare and boarding facility for one simple, bottom line reason: collars are safety hazard to dogs while playing. In an open play environment like a dog daycare or a dog park, collars quickly become unsafe as dogs physically interact, often times with mouths, jaws and tongues near each other’s neck. We also feel it’s unsafe for our dog boarding lodgers to wear collars overnight while in an enclosure. We take extra precautions to ensure there is nothing for a dog to get caught on, but the best precaution for your dog’s safety is to sleep restfully and collar-free.

5. Why Are You Always Cleaning?

We are STICKLERS for cleanliness! We have team members that are specifically designated to clean, and clean all night long. Next time you see Cody or Logan, pat them on the back because THEY are on the front lines of clean up duty. And when you’re cleaning up after a pack of dogs, you need to be the best, and those two are our Mr. Clean Rockstars!

NICOLE-AND-MATT-IN-THE-PLAYROOMBesides constant cleaning to ensure the healthiest possible environment for your dog, we keep cleanliness in mind when it comes to every decision we make. Surfaces and materials selected for our buildings were chosen for their ability to be sanitized. We’ve also upgraded to Kaivac Cleaning science-based hygienic cleaning systems that are designed to protect the health of occupants. It also looks pretty rad, which has Cody and Logan pretty excited.

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